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Social Media Approach


Assess current social presence
What is the status of your current social media presence? What has worked and what has not? Do you have a resourcing or focus issue? 


Where is your audience and your competitors
Many businesses try and cover too many social networks. We recommend figuring out which platforms your audience are most engaged with and focusing on those platforms in the first instance. Also we look at where your competitors are spending their time, their content strategy and understand their social metrics. 

Set your business objectives

What do you want to achieve with social media?

There are lots of content types: blogs, opinion pieces, gated content, videos, FAQs etc and some will be more suited to your objective than others. Inboundr helps develop a rolling set of relevant content for your website, shapes the content to be fit for purpose and depending on your in-house resourcing can provide skilled writers to articulate your message. 

Goal conversion improvements 

More results from your site

Your website will have clear goals – for example the number of leads or online transactions generated. ‘Goal conversion’ is the number of goals achieved divided by the total number of website visitors over a period of time. As inboundr focuses on business outcomes for clients, we understand the content, actions and events which attract users who convert and implement tactics to improve your conversion rate. Tactics may include call to action features, offers, content downloads, lightboxes etc. Also see our Inbound Marketing services.


Off-site methods

Google attributes value to your overall presence on relevant third-party websites. Here are some of the tactics we use as part of boosting your presence across the web.

Inbound links

Building inbound links to your website from relevant third-party sites

To rank highly in Google, building inbound links from relevant third-party sites to your website is critical. Google attributes value to your site if it can see contextually relevant websites linking to you. For local businesses, inboundr submit your details to various local directories and forums; for sector specific businesses we build connections with relevant sites, listings and publications.  

Press releases

Engage relevant and large audiences to your content
Creating a network of trusted websites and journalists to share your press releases, content and blogs with is a great way to get relevant inbound links.

Guest blogging

Build your profile
Writing content for relevant blogs and media websites can be a great PR vehicle and has an SEO impact if you trade your expertise for links to you site. Increasing your profile in this way also can increase brand search terms – ie when a search user types in your company name. 

Social media 

Share your content

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc are great channels to share content, engage with your audience and encourage visits to your website. Get your social sharing strategy right and you should be targeting double-digit percentage of website visits from social sources.


Keep the customer dialogue frequent 
Email newsletters are a great way to both communicate with your audiences (customers and prospects), are easy to share and a great way to re-use the content you have already created. Inboundr helps build your mailing list and manages all your email marketing activity.


We look at a range of sources to improve on- and off-site search optimisation.


Competitor research 

Know your enemy
A lot can be learnt from your competitors: which sites are linking to them (and are there opportunities for you!), what digital marketing tactics are they using? Are they ranking better than you against critical keywords.

Regular SEO Reviews 

Search changes, keep up

We regularly review how your site is performing. Are your Google first page rankings increasing or decreasing – if so why? Are all pages performing as expected and are they still relevant? And are their rising search trends we should be developing content for?


Monthly Reporting

Website Usage Reporting & Analysis
We typically use Google Analytics as a primary resource to understand clients website usage trends. We provide clients with monthly reports focusing in the key performance indicators. This is turn encourage dialogue between us to shape future SEO and content planning.

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Website design for SME businesses | inboundr | London

“Social media is here. It's not going away, not a passing fad. Be where your customers are; in social media”

Millions of people engage with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat every day. For many businesses, engaging with some or all of these social media platforms can play a major role in engaging your prospects and driving business success.

We find that many businesses either cannot quantify the business value of such channels or more practically don't find the time to tweet, follow and engage on social media in a meaningful way.

We solve these issues in a number of ways:

  • figure out which social media channels best fit with your objectives

  • define some tangible business outcomes from your social media presence

  • manage your social media presence from basic presence build to regular publishing and audience engagement 

  • create a content marketing plan that works across all your online (and offline) channels

  • report on the impact of social media in terms of fit with your business goals

Want to look at how social media can improve your digital presence, then get in touch.

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Social Media Approach
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